We started by designing a character that communicated the distinct traits of the debut single 'AYEH'. This single is an upbeat house track with plenty of percussion (hence the african style design) made by two talented Puerto Rican producers (hence the 'Taino' native borders on character). The single's chorus roars with a strong voice that commands a crowd, this led me to give this character a look that resembles a king.
We then assigned rugged textures to each portion of the design to give it a rough and rugged look along with some harsh shadows to add a bit of mystery. This king has a color pallet of red, black, brown (rust) and hints of blue. We then created the assets for the debut promo animation. 
We created a draft of what we wanted the king animation to look like. Once pleased, we replaced the sketches with the previous 3D renders. We added the rock as the stage, a 40k crowd and added wooden banners that showcased the producers and affiliate production company's name. 
We brought the king into our studio, gave him some leaves to lay on and added the official 3D rendered track name below for our final cover art. Walahh! 

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